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E system Aluminum Cladding Products

esystem alüminyum

      Our E system facade cladding products are systems that offer more useful, lighter, more aesthetic and elegant looking, fast and practical application and decorative solutions compared to classical methods. We are able to offer special detailed solutions suitable for the project that facilitates the application of interior decorative processes (marble, ceramic, parquet, gypsum board, etc.) and at the same time makes it look more aesthetic.

With Esystem facade cladding systems, the problems of the finishing detail of the horizontal profiles corresponding to the flooring between floors and the vertical profiles corresponding to the wall or column, which you encounter in almost all projects in the interior, are no longer a problem.

Our company; During the production of facade profiles, during the assembly phase of the building, in the environmental insulation of the facade and afterwards, thanks to our 27 years of work experience, we see the deficiencies in all stages and use our patented products special to our company to increase the quality and comfort of work, workers and end users and is a company that carries.

The most important feature that distinguishes Esystem facade cladding systems from other systems is that it can do what has not been done until today, and it can be made inward-opening hidden wings on the silicone facade (all glass when viewed from the outside). If desired, it can also be applied as an inward double axis opening. Silicone facades are used in plazas and apartments in today's architecture instead of standard windows, especially in halls and so on. It is now more preferred in the openings that correspond to the living spaces. Silicon facade systems used in such places have a wing opening problem. In standard systems, the applicable wing opening standard is limited to 25-30cm opening from the bottom outwards. In the unlimited Esystem facade cladding systems, you can live in more spacious environments by opening the whole glass module as in the standard window system by using the inner wing, if desired.

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