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Package (Contract) Sale


Finished aluminum joinery and facade systems ready for assembly


Esystem Aluminum provides services in the field of package sales (contract aluminum manufacturing) with its professional team and the best machine park in the sector in its facility located in Adana Demirciler site.

Our team of architects and technicians, who are experts in their fields within our company, provide support to our customers in works that require high quality and detail and participate in meetings and meetings on behalf of our customers when necessary. Until today, we have successfully completed our business partnership duty in aluminum manufacturing and architectural support in many projects.

Heat insulated and non-insulated aluminum door, window and sliding systems, silicone facade, capped and semi-capped facade, skylight, office partition systems, aluminum and glass railing systems, etc. All kinds of systems are delivered with the options including or excluding materials, by completing the subcontracting, processing and making them ready for assembly, and properly packaged and delivered to your construction site without any damage.

Modern Machine Park


We deliver your projects as zero defects with the help of the best machine and our team.

It is very important to achieve high precision values ​​in the cutting and processing of aluminum profiles. In order to avoid problems during assembly at the construction site, the workshop personnel should have application and material knowledge - experience, and project reading skills.

For manufacturing and processing quality, the experience of our staff is important as well as the machinery and equipment used. We use the latest technology machines that are constantly renewed and are among the best in their field.

cnc işleme

5 axis Aluminum Cnc Profile Processing

cnc işleme

5 axis Aluminum Cnc Profile Processing

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