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Aluminum Composite Panel

E system Aluminum Ltd. Şti. Albond is the regional dealer of Composite panel products. Turkey in general and foreign demand for the composite panels for the sale and asked our center CNC Router Cutting, CNC Cutting Composite Panel front companies and advertising firms to grouting - sizing services we offer. Depending on the agreement and the quantity, we assist with the shipment of the products.


Albond Aluminum Composite Panel, apart from the standard colors found in the color charts, Ral, Pantone and the special colors you request; It prepares the shortest and highest quality for you in A2, B1, B2 non-flammability classes to be used in the exteriors, interiors of your architectural projects, in the advertising sector, your corporate identity studies, your private buildings, housing and hospital projects, airport projects and many other areas.

Albond can produce in the thickness range of 2 mm-6 mm, in length sizes up to 1000 mm - 1250 mm - 1500 mm - 2000 mm. Apart from that, it can meet your demands in different widths. Albond can produce solutions to your demands as soon as possible with 4 composite panel production lines, one of which is A2 production line.

Offering dreams covered in life, Albond can also meet your demands for painted aluminum coils and sheets with its advanced technology Aluminum Painting line, paint preparation unit, slitting and cut-to-length lines.

  Our product A2 England, Germany and Turkey (TSE) taken (a2s1d0) are available to you with test certificates.

Please contact us for your special productions, material cutting options and the price of the process. Composite panels that provide freedom and flexibility in design provide metal strength. It is economical with the advantages it provides in the long term, does not require any maintenance, and the installation period is short. It is a material that can offer a wide variety of possibilities in the exterior coating of your composite panel structures.


Color Catalogs

E GEMEN Aluminum Composite Panel Art Special Series

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