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esystem clarks alüminyum
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ESYSTEM Aluminum Co.Ltd. Albond is the regional dealer of Composite panel products. Mainly Adana, Mersin, Iskenderun and Antakya and Osmaniye region, especially Turkey in general and foreign demand for oriented as the composite panel sales and prompted CNC Router Cutting our center, front companies and the advertising company Composite Panel CNC Cutting jointing - sizing services we offer. Depending on the agreement and the number, we assist with the shipment of the products.


It offers heat-insulated and non-insulated door and window and sliding joinery solutions for exterior and interior spaces such as residences, business centers, airports, exhibition centers and shopping malls.


STAC Accessories

Sistemas técnicos del accesorio y componentses SL is a company specializing in the production of products belonging to the aluminum closing works sector.

STAC makes its designs with millimetric calculations in order to meet the quality and innovation requirements of today's market. For this reason, it not only has the best facilities suitable for different production lines as well as its experience that makes it one of the leading companies in the sector, it also carries out its business with a specialized technical team.

BOSSY Facade Shears

Meet Bossy facade scissors , its new product with gradual locking system.

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