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E system Full Covered and Semi Covered Aluminum Facade Systems

The feature of the capped facade system is that when viewed from the outside, 50mm wide aluminum profiles are visible vertically and horizontally. In this system, the cover part visible from the outside has alternatives in different shapes and colors.

It is in the form of completing the assembly process by sealing the glass placed on the aluminum sub-carcasses of which the adjustment of the capped facades is finished, first by screwing the pressure profiles into the appropriate slots and then sealing the cover profile of the desired cross-section. In the capped facade, heat, sound and water insulation in the glass relation of the profiles that are mechanically connected is provided with EPDM rovings as in the silicone facade. The need to open wings in this system; It is met with the profiles we call the wing adapter profile. It is possible to open wings at any desired location with the glasses that are affixed to these profiles with silicon to the structure. The wings, which are generally preferred as reverse transom, can be arranged by making the necessary detailed changes according to customer requests.

In the semi-capped facade system, the assembly of the glasses to the facade system is made only horizontally with the desired color aluminum covers. When viewed from the outside, the vertical glass joints appear as 15mm thin lines, the effect of the horizontal doors adds an aesthetic appearance to the facade.

Examples of our Full Cover and Half Cover Facade System Projects

Esystem NFI Plus (3)
Esystem NFI Plus (4)
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